ASSOULINE Aspen Style Book

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ASSOULINE Aspen Style Book in 272 pages W 24.99 x L 32.99 x D 3.99 cm

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Aspen has long drawn an eclectic and wide-ranging crowd. With an introduction from longtime resident Aerin Lauder, founder & creative director of AERIN, Aspen Style celebrates and pays homage to the stark glamour, the working-class history, and the romance of the virtually untouched landscape that gives the town the unique charisma that continues to draw new devotees with each season. Exploring the rustic-chic atmosphere of the Hotel Jerome, the architectural excellence of Herbert Bayer’s restored Wheeler Opera House, and local culture found at Schlomo’s Deli & Grill, to name a few, this deluxe volume is brought to life with stunning current and historical imagery capturing the prodigious evolution of this mountain town over the last century.

Book: Aspen Style
Author: Aerin Lauder
Book Language: English
Pages: 272

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