ASSOULINE Bosphorus Private Book

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ASSOULINE Bosphorus Private Book in 280 pages W 25 x L 33 x D 3.7 cm

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the Bosphorus Strait is a storied and scenic region of Turkey. As the crossroads of the country’s European and Asian subsections, it is home to rich culture, incredible people, delicious food, unique architecture, and unmistakable style. Turkish denizens and visitors alike are thrilled by the skyline, the breathtaking view of calming waters, and the magnificent bridges. But some of the best places to discover the style of the Bosphorus are within the private homes of its welcoming residents, who are always gracious and ready to entertain, and who know just the right balance of old and new to both pay homage to their country’s.

Book: Bosphorus Private
Author: Nevbahar Koç
Book Language: English

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