ASSOULINE Capri Dolce Vita Book

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ASSOULINE Capri Dolce Vita Book in 272 pages W 24.9 x L 33.3 x D 3.3 cm

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Capri, a resort island dating back to the height of the Roman Empire, has long been an extraordinary destination full of ancient charm. Capri boasts a rich Mediterranean spirit and style that encompasses a wealth of beauty, from gardens to villas to caves to the people walking in the lively Piazzetta, where cars are prohibited and the island’s playful attitude runs rampant. Capri Dolce Vita is a look at this fabled corner of the world through the ages and a celebration of paradise on Earth.

Book: Capri Dolce Vita
Author: Cesare Cunaccia
Book Language: English
Pages: 272

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