ASSOULINE Diriyah Culture At-Turaif Book

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ASSOULINE Diriyah Culture At-Turaif Book in 218 pages W 28 x L 35.4 x D 4 cm

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Discover the captivating story of At-Turaif and Diriyah, the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia. This ancient town evolved from a traditional human settlement to a thriving national capital, thanks to its strategic location on key trade routes connecting Arabia, India, Mesopotamia, and the Levant. Despite its destruction in the 19th century, At-Turaif has been lovingly restored and inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, offering visitors a glimpse into a crucial period of Saudi history. Experience the magic of this unique destination, where culture and history are brought to life for contemporary generations.

Book: Diriyah Culture At-Turaif
Book Language: English
Pages: 218

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