ASSOULINE Formula 1: The Impossible Collection Book

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ASSOULINE Formula 1: The Impossible Collection Book in 228 pages W 39.4 x L 47.3 x D 7.6 cm

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Selected by veteran F1 journalist Brad Spurgeon, Formula 1: The Impossible Collection chronicles the milestones that lifted Formula One from a gentlemen’s club in 1950 to a global sport with hundreds of millions of fans around the world, third in popularity only to the Olympics and World Cup soccer. Highlighting exceptional technical innovations, remarkable drivers’ achievements, and exciting race finishes.
A spirited tribute to the sport and all those who have made it possible over the decades, this handcrafted Ultimate Collection volume dynamically illustrates that Formula One is far more than “cars going around in circles,” it is the culmination of a passion that fires the mechanics, technicians, engineers and team directors behind the scenes, in addition to the drivers themselves, who are prepared to possibly pay the ultimate sacrifice to be part of its glorious history. Housed in a luxury clamshell case with a metal plaque, this spectacular tome is presented in a red canvas tote bag to preserve its craftsmanship.

Complimentary white gloves and a signature canvas tote bag are included with each purchase from Assouline’s Ultimate Collection.

Book: Formula 1: The Impossible Collection
Author: Brad Spurgeon
Book Language: English
Pages: 228

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