ASSOULINE Marrakech Flair Book

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ASSOULINE Marrakech Flair Book in 304 pages W 25 x L 33 x 3.7 cm

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Marrakech overflows with culture and has been inspiring visitors for decades., Marrakech has attracted great icons inspired by its eternal spirit as well as its sweet, beautiful life. The annual Marrakech International Film Festival draws a prominent crowd. Museums abound, exhibiting Moroccan arts, photography, carpets, and the Andalusian design aesthetic that permeates the city’s architecture. La Mamounia hotel, opened in 1923, offers a storied history, which includes hosting guests such as Winston Churchill. Vanessa Branson’s El Fenn is a collection of traditional riads that form a stunning boutique hotel. There are countless ways to be immersed in the culture of Marrakech, but perhaps the best place to start is with a simple glass of mint tea.

Book: Marrakech Flair
Author: Marisa Berenson
Book Language: English
Pages: 304

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