ASSOULINE Sushi Shokunin: Japans Culinary Masters Book

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ASSOULINE Sushi Shokunin: Japans Culinary Masters Book in 280 pages W 25 x L 33.2 x D 3.5 cm

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In Japan, cooking often bears aesthetic value, and the making of sushi is exalted as one of the finest culinary crafts. In line with this ideal of food as art, the Japanese often employ the word shokunin, loosely defined as “artisan”, to refer to highly skilled sushi masters. Connoting excellence and devotion to one’s craft, this title is reserved for those who approach their work with an artistic eye and seemingly spiritual sense of purpose, or ikigai.
A must-have for sushi enthusiasts—and for anyone interested in fine food culture—Sushi Shokunin is the first book of its kind of the most revered sushi masters and restaurants.

Book: Sushi Shokunin: Japan’s Culinary Masters
Author: Andrea Fazzari
Book Language: English
Pages: 280

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