LOCHERBER INUIT Candle – 2500 g

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LOCHERBER INUIT Candle – 2500 g
Notes: Bergamot, orange blossoms, green tea, galbanum, blackcurrant, sandalwood and musk.

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Brand: Locherber

Fresh, flowery and green: this new fragrance presents the effervescence and purity of mountain air. A note of open air thanks to the Ferula Gommosa, also known as Galbano, a perennial plant native to the central and western area of ​​Asia, more precisely in the Caucasian plain. This plant provides a very fragrant gummy resin that was known by the Egyptians, who used it for embalming, and then for the Greeks. The essential oil obtained has intense notes of freshly cut grass with hints of tree bark and strong conifer sensations: where the woods and glaciers end, even in Antarctica, there are endless coverings of this flowery and fragrant moss. Inuit (whose name pays homage to the Eskimo people) is an exhilarating fragrance that refreshes the mind and the senses, leaving a sparkling feeling of cleanliness in the air.

Start with citrus notes of bergamot and orange blossom, which evolve into notes of green tea, galbanum and blackcurrant, with a sweet woody final of sandalwood and musk.
The characteristic of this fragrance allows this elegant large-format candle with a colored glass vase and a cap in Canaletto walnut to be placed in any room.

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