LOCHERBER KLINTO 1817 Diffuser – 500 ml

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LOCHERBER KLINTO 1817 Diffuser – 500ml
Notes: cassis, grapes, currant violet peals, honeysuckle birch wood, and vanilla.

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Brand: Locherber

The skyline collection is inspired by the sight of Milan’s skyscrapers and puts the spotlight on the search for excellence that has always marked Italian production. Attention to detail can be seen in the hand-affixed, ennobled labels, each having a theme connected to the fragrance.
The glass bottles are all handcrafted by master glassmakers in Italy. The hand-painted lids, made of premium ashwood, are inspired by an ancient Roman column on which a stainless steel plate is meticulously placed on top.
The design of the lids and of the glass bottles is globally registered.

Collection: KLINTO 1817
Family Scent: Fruity

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