ASSOULINE Montblanc: Inspire Writing Book

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ASSOULINE Montblanc: Inspire Writing Book in 216 pages W 27.94 x L 35.56 x D 4 cm

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Especially valuable in this modern age of technology, handwriting is a personal art form that gives expression to individual thoughts with a unique aesthetic. Montblanc wishes to inspire people to write by providing the instruments with which to create, to leave their own mark. Like a Stradivarius or a Steinway, Montblanc instruments are precisely geared, finely tuned artistic creations serving as tools for the creative endeavors of others. Paying homage to humanity’s great writers, artists, explorers and achievers with its limited-edition High Artistry collections, Montblanc wishes to celebrate through its writing instruments the power of the hand, and of humanity, to communicate more than just words.

Book: Montblanc: Inspire Writing
Author: Alexander Fury
Book Language: English
Pages: 216

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