ASSOULINE Samaritaine: Paris Pont-Neuf Book

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ASSOULINE Samaritaine: Paris Pont-Neuf Book in 164 pages W 24.13 x L 30.48 x D 3.05 cm

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The story of Samaritaine is a grand love story: the love of family, the love of commerce, the love of art, the love for others. Samaritaine is a name that conjures dreams, and, for many Parisians, brings back a flood of memories, such as climbing the grand staircase with one’s grandmother, or just gazing awestruck at the sight of its majestic building in the heart of Paris.
From Art Nouveau to Zola, the story of the Samaritaine department store unfolds here in the form of a playful ABC to commemorate its renovation and renaissance in the twenty-first century. This architectural gem once again offers an authentically French shopping experience, blending the chic of avenue Montaigne with the trendy vibe of the Marais. French art de vivre is elevated here, beyond simply a retail space, offering new experiences, an array of restaurants, conferences and exhibitions, a spa and even a five-star hotel.

Book: TSamaritaine: Paris Pont-Neuf
Author: Harold Cobert
Book Language: English
Pages: 164

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