ASSOULINE The Coral Triangle Book

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ASSOULINE The Coral Triangle Book in 192 pages W 25.5 x L 33 cm

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Take a breathtaking plunge into the colorful world of the Coral Triangle, the waters that cradle Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. One of the world’s most mature reef networks, home to 30 percent of all the world’s coral, this magnificent marine expanse boasts the highest diversity of coral and fish species on the planet. Underwater photographer Chris Leidy beautifully captures a vision of this wonderland through his lens and conveys the inherent complexities of each singular, fleeting scene, illustrating the vital magic of the Coral Triangle.

Book: The Coral Triangle
Author: Christopher P. Leidy
Book Language: English
Pages: 192

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